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The Second “Guoyu-Cup” Cognition Competition Held in NIES

In October 2019, the first “Guoyu-Cup” Cognition Competition was successfully held in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province. 32 home teams from Heilongjiang Province and 4 away teams from other parts of China, totalling 360 players, competed in high level matches of cognitive ability while utlizing different frameworks.
After a year of preparation, the second “Guoyu-Cup” Cognition Competition was launched in August 2020; it was sponsored by the training center of the Chinese National Institute of Education Sciences, undertaken by the Heilongjiang New Media Group and co-organized by Beijing Guoyu Education Technology Co., Ltd. Nearly 200 teams from 69 prefectures in 20 provinces totaling 17,000 players participated . These teams competed against each other online, creating a dazzling spectacle of high level performance while engaging in breathtaking battles of wit.
The “Guoyu-Cup” Cognition Competition is guided by 13th Five-Year Plan project of the National Education Science of the Ministry of Education. It is entitled “Practical Research on the Cultivation of the Intellectual Classroom and Cognitive Ability”. The Cognition Competition are guided by the result of scientific research, and aim to cultivate students’ comprehensive quality and practical innovative ability. The Cognition Competition is a further extension and enrichment of educational practice exploration of the "intelligence classroom".
Cognition Competition is larger in scale, richer in forms, and have adopted standardized competition systems. They also have become more reasonable in project setting, more strict in referee selection and training, and more scientific in organization. Through the integration of body and mind, intellect and emotion intelligence, cognition and innovative ability, individual and group, the comprehensive quality of students has been improved.



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