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Theoretical Studies

Over the seventy years since its inception, NIES has been committed to seeking innovative responses to critical issues of theory and practice in the field of education. It has consistently demanded high standards in its collection, analysis and evaluation of data sets on existing educational conditions, and in proposing new or alternative educational strategies. Throughout its history, NIES has achieved a broad range of high-quality research results, and the widespread dissemination of these outcomes throughout the nation has contributed significantly to the formation and the steady improvement of a socialist educational system with Chinese characteristics.

NIES staff members have studied the thoughts of the leaders of the Communist Party and the State on education, and the result has been a series of influential publications, including An Introduction to Mao Zedongs Educational Thoughts and An Introduction to Deng Xiaoping’s Educational Thoughts.

NIES staff members have carefully examined the guiding principles of socialist education since the introduction of the Sixth Five-Year Plan (1981-1986), and have incorporated these pedagogical principles into NIESs ongoing policies and practices.

In 1979, the Ministry of Education asked NIES to compile and publish numerous works authored by nationally and internationally renowned Chinese educators.

In response to a Ministry of Education directive, NIES produced a number of comprehensive studies on the history of education in China, and published a great many books on pedagogy that remain of high academic interest and of significant historical value.

In 2008, NIES provided an inventory of works that dealt with important historical events and theoretical outcomes that have occurred in the thirty years since Chinas reform and opening up.

Since the Sixth Five-Year Plan (1981-1986) was put in place, NIES has undertaken 591 state-level research projects, has published 1,280 books and 4,381 theses, and has received 130 awards at the provincial and ministerial levels.

NIES has produced a large-scale and rigorous investigation into education policy in contemporary China.

NIES has undertaken comprehensive studies on key issues in Chinas education system and has published a series of works on the results of their research.

In collaboration with the News Office of the Ministry of Education, NIES has complied and published a educational series entitled Talks on Hot Topics in Educations.


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