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Practical Studies

In compliance with the CPC and the State’s education policies, NIES experts, at various stages of their educational program development, visited public schools across the country in order to provide hands-on guidance in the implementation of grass-roots educational policies and practices. In this way, NIES sought to introduce cutting-edge educational philosophy and pedagogy into China’s vast education system and improve the effectiveness of the instruction and the quality of the students’ learning experience.

  A key project of the Ministry of Education: Research on Efficient Computation Using a Combination of the Abacus with Written and Oral Calculation Skills.

A key project of the Ministry of Education: Experimental Research on Activity-based Instruction and Quality Education in Primary and Secondary Schools.

A national key project: Research on the Integration of Education and Labor.

The project entitled Literacy, Intensive Reading, and Learning to Write Step by Step was awarded the top prize by the Ministry of Education for its contribution to basic education curriculum reform.

The project entitled Experimental Research on Students’ Overall Development of Language Competence had an enormous impact on Chinese language instruction in primary schools nationwide.


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