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The China-Russia Education Strategy Dialogue held in Guangzhou

The China-Russia Education Strategy Dialogue – hosted by the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES) and Russia National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in cooperation with the government of Liwan District, Guangzhou – was held in Guangzhou on September 12-13, 2017. Complementing the 18th Session of China-Russia Committee on Humanities Cooperation, the theme of the dialogue was “Educational Modernization Towards 2030”, and involving topics such as Early Childhood Development and Pre-school Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Tertiary Education, Vocational Education and Adult Education. Around 100 representatives participated in the dialogue, –including scholars and education staff from National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University), Russian Academy of Education, Far Eastern Federal University, as well as universities, research institutes, primary and secondary schools, and NGOs in China.

During the dialogue, scholars from both sides discussed in great depth the lessons and strategies in modernizing education. They also reached a consensus on carrying out a comparative analysis of possible strategies for the transformation of national education systems in Russia and China until 2030, as well as deepening exchanges and cooperation in education.

Gao Baoli, Chief Editor of Educational Research of the NIES, and Isak Froumin, Head of the Institute of Education of HSE University, jointly presented “Background Report of Comparative Study on Modernization of Education Towards 2030 – Main Features of Education Systems in Russia and China and Their Development”. As the most important outcome of the dialogue, the bilingual report attracted a lot of attention, and established a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides.

NIES President Tian Huisheng attended the 18th Session of China-Russia Committee on Humanities Cooperation and, with the HSE, co-signed an agreement concerning “China-Russia Comparative Research Project on Educational Modernization Towards 2030”.


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