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Journal of Educational Research Celebrates its 40th anniversary

On December 24th, 2019, a seminar was held at the National Institute of Educational Sciences (NIES) to mark the 40th anniversary of the journal, Educational Research and to also look into developing a theoretical system of education sciences in the new era.

Liu Guiqin, Director of the Department of Social Sciences at the MOE, and Cui Baoshi, President of NIES addressed the opening ceremony. Yin Changchun, Party Secretary of NIES, chaired the meeting. Liu Guiqin acknowledged the significant role of Educational Research in the field of education sciences and its achievements over the past 40 years. Cui expressed hope that Educational Research could go on to establish itself as a medium that spreads education theory with Chinese characteristics, advances Chinese education sciences, supports the growth and development of professionals in pedagogy, and contributes to accelerating education modernization, building a leading nation in education and providing education that meet the expectations of the people.

Gu Mingyuan, a senior professor of liberal arts at Beijing Normal University; Zhu Yongxin, Deputy Secretary-General of the CPPCC National Committee; Zhou Hongyu, a member of the NPC Standing Committee; Yang Yinfu, Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the Chinese Society of Education; Qi Wanxue, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qufu Normal University; Bai Xuejun, Vice President of Tianjin Normal University; Ning Hong, a professor at the College of Education, Capital Normal University; Wu Daguang, Deputy Director of the School Administration of Xiamen University; Ding Xiaohao, a professor at the Graduate School of Education Peking University; Shi Zhongying, Deputy Executive Dean of the Institute of Education Tsinghua University; Fan Guorui, a professor at the Faculty of Education East China Normal University; Yu Wei, the principal of the Primary School attached to Northeast Normal University; and former editors-in-chief of the journal - Gao Baoli, Lian Ruiqing and Zhao Deqiang - attended the event. Participants reviewed the journal's development over past four decades and exchanged views on "Developing a Scientific System for Education Sciences in the New Era".

At the meeting, Deng Youchao, - current editor-in-chief of Educational Research, - shared the journal's achievements and experiences over the past 40 years and its development philosophy in the new era. Li Dong - Chairman of Educational Sciences' Publishing House - briefed participants on the publication of "Collection of Selected Papers from Educational Research in the 40 Years & Principles of Pedagogy".

Deputy Party Secretary Shi Xilin and Vice President Liu Guihua, as well as heads and representatives of relevant departments from the NIES, were also present at the event.


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