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NIES Holds Educational Researchers Training Program in Beijing

The workshop was held from April 2 to 3, 2015 in Beijing, and included directors of 31 provincial-level institutes of educational science and over 400 educational investigators from county-level organizations of educational research. Professor Tian Huisheng, the President of the NIES, Vice-President Chen Ziji, Vice-President Zeng Tianshan, attended the Workshop. Professor Tian Huisheng offered a keynote speech and Vice-President Zeng Tianshan delivered a presentation on the survey concerning stakeholders’ satisfaction of education services. Liu Fang, Director of the National Education Survey Union and concurrently Director of Research Center for Educational Inspection and Evaluation also gave a presentation. Representatives of educational investigators expressed their confidence and determination to conduct the education survey well. In addition to training sessions, the responsibilities and tasks of the investigators’ team were further clarified and a survey on stakeholders’ satisfaction was arranged.


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