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Development Report of Preschool Education of China

The 2013 Development Report of Preschool Education of China reports on the general situation and significant improvements of preschool education development in China. It also highlights problems encountered in the development process, and offers insights for vital upcoming policy decisions in this area.

The book adopts a structure including the annual progress report, typical case report, special investigation report, and decision and suggestion report. The whole book is divided into six chapters. The first chapter introduces the general development of preschool education in China, by data and evidence explaining the expansion of the preschool education of China, the layout and development of kindergartens, the investment of preschool education, the building of teaching resources of kindergartens, and the conditions to run kindergartens. The second chapter analyzes the comprehensive development level of the preschool education in China by making a comparison among different regions. The third chapter compares the development of preschool education China to that of selected countries, including OECD member counties, developing countries with a large population, and neighboring counties, and ranked the comprehensive development level of preschools around the world. The fourth chapter contains a special investigation of the quality of the preschool education in China. Using large samples, the book analyzed the educational environment and professionalism of teachers in poverty-stricken counties in the western part of China, and the transition quality from preschool to primary school education and the early education situation of the students under three years old in the eastern part of China. The fifth chapter focuses on three pressing issues about the development of the preschool education in China, namely the educational equity of the preschool education, construction of the faculty team and improvement of the education protection and quality. The last chapter provides concluding remarks on the accomplishments in Chinese preschool education development, and offers constructive suggestions for future development.




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