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Assessment Report on Chinese Primary School Students' Academic Achievement

This book is a report on the academic achievement assessment of Grade-6 students in primary school with a large-scale sample for the first time since the new curriculum reform. This report consists of the general report, reports on the four subjects of Chinese, Mathematics, Science and Morality and Society, the questionnaire survey report and assessment instruments. This report states the complexion of students' academic achievement including achievements and shortcomings and proposes some targeted suggestions. The methods and assessment instruments have important reference value for future academic achievement assessment.

Huisheng Tian graduated from Department of Education in Northwest Normal University in 1985, and got PhD from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) in 1992. Now he is the former president of National Institute of Education Sciences and the director of National Center for School Curriculum and Textbook Development Ministry of Education. He is engaged in researches on education policy, curriculum and instruction, educational experiments, the reforms of basic education and training graduates cooperatively. He published more than 100 academic papers, and dozens of books and textbooks. He attended "the first New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project" and earned Special government allowances of the State Council.


Zhichang Sun graduated from Department of History in Northwest Normal University in 1987, and got PhD from Beijing Normal University in 2010. He was the vice dean of Curriculum and Instructional Research Center of China National Institute for Educational Research, and now he is associate professor of National Institute of Education Sciences. His research interests are curriculum and instruction, educational evaluation and learning science. He published more than 50 academic papers, more than 10 books and textbooks with over 80 volumes for primary and middle students.


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