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Chinese Journal of Special Education

The Chinese Journal of Special Education, was launched in March 1994. It is published by the Research Center for Psychology and Special Education of the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES). The journal focuses on philosophy and social sciences, and is the only core journal on special education in China. It is known as an authority in the field of special education both at home and abroad.

The Chinese Journal of Special Education aims to serve a readership with interest in special learning needs. Papers and articles published in this journal mainly focus on research and the latest findings in psychology and special education. The journal highlights theoretical studies in special education, assessment, measurement and research in aural and visual disability, developmental disability research, therapy and rehabilitation, autism research, learning disability research, juvenile psychology, mental health research, occupation and special education, and intellectual giftedness, etc. The journal includes articles on education for left-behind children, orphans, internet-addiction in children, and gifted education for children with intellectual giftedness.


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