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Moral Education China

Moral Education China, is a semimonthly periodical publication of the Ministry of Education, administered by the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES). The magazine integrates articles on ideology, science, news and stories.

In recent years, the magazine adheres to the principle of high-quality, thematic comprehensive coverage at the grass-root level particularly paying attention to current topics of moral education research, with emphasis on facts reporting, scholarly communication and the sharing of experience.

The magazine includes such sections as Current Events and Policies, Special Plans, New Perspectives, Regional Reports, Firsthand News, Mingde Forum, Touching Figures, Educational Review, and Q&A.

Currently, the editorial office of the journal makes great endeavors to upgrade the quality of the magazine and push forward digitization process, and to achieve an integrated mass media including printed media, network platform, a forum, innovation base, etc.


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