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Dr. Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin from OECD visited CNAES

  Dr. Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin, Deputy Head of Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, Directorate for Education and Skills, OECD visited CNAES on 7 June 2023. He delivered a presentation on ‘Digital Transformation in Education: Trends and Policy Guidelines’ and introduced ‘OECD Digital Education Outlook 2021’ as well as a variety of applications to manage schools and systems, such as longitudinal information systems(EMIS), early warning systems, admissions and school allocations systems, proctoring systems, etc. Dr. Vincent-Lancrin displayed case studies on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in classroom and developing creativity and critical thinking with generative AI. Participants from CNAES conducted an in-depth discussion with Dr. Vincent-Lancrin on the themes mentioned above and exchanged ideas on methods of collaboration in due course. Dr. ZHU Xinyu, Deputy Director of Institute of Education Statistics and Data Analysis, Dr.WANG Tingting, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Dr.ZUO Xiaomei, Associate Research Fellow of Institute of Future Education, Dr.SU Hong, Associate Research Fellow of Institute of Comparative Education, et al. attended this meeting.


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