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2023 International Senior Visiting Fellowship Program

  The China National Academy of Educational Sciences (CNAES) is a comprehensive national-level education research institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. In order to accelerate the building of a national high-level think-tank with international influence, facilitate major research tasks and projects, better serve national decision-making, advance theoretical innovation, and guide educational practice, in 2023, the CNAES will recruit international senior visiting scholars from around the world in the following research areas:

  lPractices of the cultivation of students' key competencies;

  lEducation for Rural Revitalization;

  lMajor Education Events in China in the New Era;

  lStudents’ mental health in primary and secondary school and educational countermeasures in the context of the two-factor model;

  lCase Development of Local and School-based Curriculum;

  lConstruction and Application of Smart Physical Education;

  lStrategies of applying digital technology to empower social practice education;

  lAnnual Teacher Development Report: Research Hotspots, Policy Priorities, and Practical Highlights;

  lTypical Cases of Organized Educational Research with Chinese Characteristics

  lNew education models in the digital era.


  lMeet the necessary conditions for foreigners to study and work in China, such as studying and conducting academic exchanges in China;

  lWork in primary, secondary, or tertiary education institutions or relevant educational research organisations, with a background in pedagogy, psychology, sociology, management science, economics, computer science and other related disciplines;

  lResearch and practical experience in a relevant field,with high level of academic publications;

  lPossess a title of associate professor or above (or equivalent qualification) or a doctoral degree in a related discipline;

  lPrincipally under the age of 55 (born after January 1, 1968);

  lHave good health.

  II.Duration of the Program

  The duration of the Senior Visiting Fellowship program is one year.


  lAbide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;

  lAbide by the relevant regulations on foreigners studying in China;

  lAbide by CNAES' rules and regulations;

  lComplete the tasks of collaborative research projects as planned;

  lParticipate in the opening and closing debriefs of collaborative research projects;

  lParticipate in various academic lectures, training and other academic activities organized by the CNAES; and attend the public courses offered by the CNAES.

  The CNAES will provide the necessary working conditions and allowances for international senior visiting scholars and issue a Certificate of International Senior Visiting Fellowship to those qualified.

  If you are interested, please send the application form (indicating applying research field, research plan, etc.), resume, academic certificates (recent PhD graduates are also required to provide transcripts of their doctoral studies), identification documents, three representative publications, as well as two recommendation letters from experts in your discipline or related disciplines to the designated email address:

  Application Deadline: July 10, 2023.

  Contact: Dr. Bao

  Tel.: 0086-10-62003969

  China National Academy of Educational Sciences

  May 22, 2023


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