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The 2021 China Education Sciences Forum Will Make its Debut


  The "2021 China Education Science Forum" hosted by NIES with the theme of "Challenges and Responses to High-quality Educational Development" will be held in Beijing from September 28 to 29, 2021.

  Five features are highlighted in this year’s forum. The first is its higher-end positioning. The forum will invite top domestic and foreign universities and national educational academic organizations as its partners, and a number of educational technology innovation enterprises as co-organizers. The second is the diversified participants. The forum will invite researchers from domestic and foreign universities, educational scientific research institutions, educational administrative departments, schools, journals, publishing houses, as well as educational technology innovation companies. Researchers, officials, postgraduates as well as the frontline practitioners will also be invited to share the most cutting-edge educational and scientific research achievements and practical wisdom. The third is the more easily operated registration procedures. The forum applied for a forum logo with exclusive intellectual property rights, formulated the “Forum Charter”, set up a forum organization and academic committee, and select participants by submitted abstracts. Applicants can log on to the website of "China Educational Science Forum", or scan the QR code to click on the official WeChat account of "China Educational Science Forum" to inquire the real-time development of the conference, complete online registration and submit abstracts. Only the applicants’ abstracts submitted pass the expert review, can they gain the opportunities to participate in the forum. The fourth is the more diverse form of activities. The forum will include key note speeches, guest dialogues, sub-forums, self-organized sub-forums, closed-door meetings, on-site review meetings and book launch, etc. The forum will also set up special exhibitions for outstanding domestic and abroad educational academic works (think-tank reports) , outstanding achievements in national educational science planning projects, experimental and practical innovations of educational research institutions and demonstration areas. The fifth is the more diversified transformation of results. A variety of channels will be used to transform the results of the forum, including compiling thematic advisory reports based on meeting content and expert views; Selecting outstanding achievements of the conference to compile a meeting report to be published in academic journals; Widely publicizing the new books released during the forum, and assisting in the implementation of the new book publication intention formed during the forum; Actively raising funds to provide basic research-related funding and support for postgraduates, young scholars and front-line practitioners; Incubating the educational theoretical results formed by the forum, and promoting the application and promotion of experimental and practical innovation results.

  Since 2003, NIES has successfully held six China Educational Science Forums. Aim at prospering educational scientific research, the newly upgraded 2021 China Educational Science Forum is expected to become a high-end mainstream education forum which reflects national standards and has a wider global influence.



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