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NIES hosts the first “Academic Brainstorming Forum” in 2021

The first “Academic Brainstorming Forum” in 2021 was held on 28 April. Professor Bao Chuanyou from Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University attended the forum as the reviewer. 
Associate Professor Wu Xiangrong from Education Inspection and Evaluation Research Center identified that government policy was the primary factor affecting the degree of satisfaction for teachers in rural areas based on survey among 8150 teachers. Assistant Professor Zhu Fuyan from Educational Development and Reform Research Center analyzed social integration of migrant workers’ children and established an indicator system of cultural, economic and educational integration, etc. He then found out that gender, grade, hukou, parental occupation have great impacts on the social integration for migrant workers’ children. Assistant Professor Liu Fangli from Physical, Health and Arts Education Research Center introduced the disadvantages of the policy on preventing adolescents from shortsightedness in China and proposed ten suggestions on targeting certain group of adolescents, implementation of policy and improving quality. Associate Professor Xiang Chun from Curriculum and Pedagogy Research Center introduced that solving the contradictions between advancing integrated development of students and learning competition should be the key factor for tackling the practical dilemma of developing all-round capacity simultaneously in virtue, intelligence, and physical aspects. 
Prof. Bao Chuanyou commented that the four presentations have sound theoretical frameworks, accurate data and reliable research findings which could support future policy-making and teaching practices.
Researchers, post-docs, visiting scholars, representatives from Educational Science Publishing House as well as teachers from the affiliated school attended this forum. 


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