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NIES hosts the Sino-British Apprenticeship Online Forum

NIES hosts the “2021 Sino-British Apprenticeship Online Forum on 28th April 2021. Ma Tao, the Vice-President of NIES, delivered a remark. Experts from China and the UK exchanged views from the perspectives of national government, higher education institutes and industry. Mr. Jonathan Ledger from Department for International Trade UK introduced the management of apprenticeship, establishment of curriculum standards as well as the mode of participation for industry employers, and proposed suggestions to respond to challenges encountered. The President of Guangdong Construction Polytechnic Zhao Pengfei introduced the development history and practical path of apprenticeship in China. Dr. Susan Relly from Oxford University displayed the model of skills education and training in the UK, and analyzed the background, limitations and challenges of continuing and vocational education in the UK. The Vice-President of Jinhua Polytechnic Cheng Jun discussed the practical significance of facilitating the development of modern apprenticeship in China based on investigating the four typical modes of modern apprenticeship. Mr. Gary Ramsden from Business School of Lincoln University of UK introduced experience of university-industry cooperation in the UK. The Director of Internet of Things Association of Guangdong Province Chen Yuqi shared the practical experience of talents development in modern apprenticeship.

The plenary members of the Steering Committee of National Modern Apprenticeship, staff members from the Research Center for Vocational and Continuing Education and Department for International Exchange in NIES attended the forum. There are around 13,000 audiences from more than 3000 vocational schools and research institutes participated in the online forum.


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