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2021 National Education Research Conference convened in Changsha

The National Education Research Conference convened in Changsha, Hunan province on 26 April 2021. Vice Minister of Education Song Demin attended the conference and delivered a speech. Zhu Zhongming, Vice Governor of Hunan province, delivered a remark. 

Song Demin underscored that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, especially since the issue of the Opinions on Enhancing Educational Research in the New Era, researchers in education have paid great endeavors to turn research findings into teaching plan, policy decision-making and regime for the purpose of serving the central and overall situation, which has made great contribution to education reform and development in China. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, researchers in education should facilitate the quality development of education research to establish a high-quality education system. First, we should strengthen Party leadership on educational research and improve the political sense of judgment, perception and executive force; Second, we should conduct theoretical and practical research on significant issues in education and emphasize problem-orientation and demand-orientation; Third, we should improve the quality of educational research and create positive environment for it; Fourth, we need to improve the governance of educational research; Fifth, we need to take the responsibilities of generating quality deliverable and contributing to policy decision-making in the new era.

Representatives from Education Department of Hunan Provincial Government, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, Central China Normal University, and Educational Science Research Institute of Shenzhen exchanged opinions. Participants also discussed on relevant documents on national management of educational research.  
President of National Institute of Education Sciences Cui Baoshi hosted the first plenary meeting and delivered a concluding remark. Vice-President of National Institute of Education Sciences Liu Guihua introduced the China Education Sciences Forum, the National Education Research Platform and the project on national satisfaction survey of education. 

Representatives from National Office for Educational Science and Planning, local government agencies in education, local institutes of education sciences, and normal universities attended the conference. 


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