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The Comprehensive Education Reform (Public Welfare) Experimental Area Project of NIES in Mang city of Yunnan Province was awarded as “2020 People’s Livelihood Demonstration Project”

  On December 22ndof 2020, the 8th China People’s Livelihood Development Forum was grandly held in the Lecture Hall of the New Media Building of People’s Daily. Guided by People’s Daily, the Forum themed "building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" was co-hosted by Minsheng Weekly Magazine of People's Daily. Yu Fayou, Vice President of NIES, attended and presided over the round table forum. The comprehensive education reform (public welfare) experimental area project of NIES in Mang city of Yunnan Province was awarded as “2020 People’s Livelihood Demonstration Project”.

  The comprehensive education reform experimental area project in Mang city of Yunnan Province is supported by NIES. After four years of practice, our institute has explored the education poverty alleviation mode of “scientific research leading, precise matching, combination of point and surface and collaborative development”. Focusing on local actual needs, strengthening organizational guidance, based on long-term poverty alleviation strategy, we have carried out the targeted poverty alleviation in the following aspects: constructing teacher team, increasing teacher training and exchanges and deepening classroom teaching reform. The all-round promotion of education quality in Mang city area has been fully recognized by all society.

  The awarded projects were selected by the organizing committee of China People's Livelihood Development Forum through field research, interviews and other methods. Nearly one thousand cases of people's livelihood projects were collected across the country. After online public voting, the final evaluation was made by the experts. It is reported that since 2013, Minsheng Weekly Magazine of People's Daily has launched the first Forum on China’s livelihood development. Since 2015, it has selected annual livelihood facts at the city level nationwide and released the annual list of livelihood demonstration projects through online voting and expert evaluation. The Forum has become the most authoritative platform of people’s livelihood which is attracting the attention of national ministries, local government, industry experts and media.


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