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NIES Hosts the Joint Conference of 2020 Comprehensive Education Reform Experimental Areas

On December 10th, the 2020 Joint Conference of Comprehensive Education Reform Experimental Areas of NIES was held in Beijing. Lu Yugang, the Director-general of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education attended the conference and delivered a special presentation entitled “Deepening the Comprehensive Reform of Basic Education and Improving the Quality of Basic Education in an All-round way”. Cui Baoshi, the President of NIES, Yin Changchun, the Party-Secretary of NIES, and Ma Tao, Liu Guihua, and Yu Fayou, the Vice Presidents of NIES, attended the conference.

The conference adopted the way of "one-to-one" consultation between NIES and the local government. The members of leading group of our institute, together with the directors of the research departments, the project leaders, communicated with the respective leaders in charge of the comprehensive education reform experimental areas, directors of education bureaus and the heads of departments. They summarized the work progress of the experimental area in 2020, discussed the specific problems facing the construction of the experimental areas, and jointly studied the working ideas and measures for the next step to promote the development of regional education in the new era.

At the same time, the third round signing ceremony of Qingyang Experimental Area of Chengdu city and the signing ceremony of Nan’an Experimental Area of Chongqing City were held. In addition, participants discussed the draft document entitled "Guidelines for Strengthening and Improving the Construction of Comprehensive Education Reform Experimental Area by China National Institute of Education Sciences”.

More than 120 representatives, including the directors of relevant departments of NIES, leaders of the 18 experimental areas, directors of Education Bureau and heads of the educational and scientific research divisions, attended the conference.


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