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NIES Hosts the Fourth “Academic Brainstorming Forum”

  The fourth “Academic Brainstorming Forum”was held on 9th December, 2020. Professor Ma Jiansheng from Department of International and Comparative Education Research, Beijing Normal University and Dr. Wu Ni, Director of Educational Development and Reform Research Center of NIES attended the meeting as reviewers.

  Speakers presented on the theme of measures and efficiency of education reform with Chinese characteristics and exchanged views with participants. Dr. Wang Xuenan, assistant researcher from Educational Development and Reform Research Center, presented on the newly issued policy “one-on-one educational support to Tibet” and suggested to coordinate among different social groups based on targeted poverty alleviation and governance modernization, and ensure the stability, continuity and benefit maximization. Dr. Nie Wei, assistant researcher from Vocational, Technical and Continuing Education Research Center, presented from the perspective of “labelling” phenomenon among application-based universities on practical and tacit knowledge as the key factor for transformation of application-based universities and then established a knowledge model for it. Dr. Gao Huibin, associate researcher from Teacher Development Research Center, concluded that the motivation mechanism for teachers in rural areas has been established and recognized, but did not meet the expectation and requirements of teachers in rural area, which means more incentives and structure optimization should be in place. Dr. Pu Xiaosong, assistant researcher from International Comparative Education Research Center, analyzed PISA test results and average schooling year of 44 countries and its impact on innovation index, and discovered that reading proficiency and average schooling year has significant impact on improving innovation proficiency while mathematics and science performance does not have significant impact on the development of innovation competency.

  A total number of 60 participants including researchers, post-docs, visiting scholars and primary teachers from schools affiliated to NIES attended the meeting.



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