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The Vocational Education Workshop was held in Guangzhou

  The Workshop on Improving the Quality of Vocational Education was held on 21st October , 2020 in Guangzhou, which was organized by NIES and Guangzhou Education Bureau. Ma Tao, Vice-president of NIES attended this workshop. A series of in-depth discussions on the theme of improving the quality of vocational education were conducted in the workshop. Prof. He Zhen, Director of Institute of Vocational and Adult Education Research in Beijing Normal University, proposed educational strategies for building a strong country through the development of skills. Prof. Liu Xiao, deputy director of School of Vocational Education in Zhejiang University of Technology, analyzed the logical relationship of subjects clustering among vocational education institutes. Prof. Zhang Hui, President of Hunan Sany Polytechnic College, concluded methods of subjects clustering. Prof. Du Yiping, deputy director of Vocational Education Research Center in Guangdong Academy of Education, presented on the teaching standards and methods of talents cultivation in vocational education. Prof. Zhang Laiyuan, former president of School of Art and Design in Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic, discussed the pilot program of “one certificate of degree plus several certificates of vocational skills”. Dr. Wang Shu, associate research fellow in Vocational, Technical and Continuing Education Research Center of NIES, presented on the developing trend of secondary vocational education in the new era based on a nationwide empirical survey.

  The workshop was organized both online and offline and attended by more than 110 participants including staff members from Guangzhou Education Bureau as well as presidents and teachers from secondary and higher vocational education institutes in Guangzhou. There are about 10,000 audiences watching the activities through the online live broadcasting. 


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