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NIES Hosts the Second “Academic Brainstorming Forum”

  The second “Academic Brainstorming Forum” was held on 21st October, 2020. Professor Li Liguo from School of Education, Remin University of China, and Dr. Hao Zhijun, research fellow from Curriculum and Pedagogy Research Center of NIES attended the meeting.

  The speakers discussed with audience on the theme of “Challenges and solutions of education in the post-pandemic era”. Dr. Niu Nansen, assistant research fellow in Basic Education Research Center of NIES, analyzed the purpose, content, methods, motivation and consequences of off-campus tutoring with “four-dimensional learning theory” and proposed to establish off-campus tutoring system for primary and secondary schools. Dr. Gui Qingping, assistant research fellow from Higher Education Research Center of NIES, presented on the situation of online higher education during the pandemic and the future development trend, and suggested to enhance the development of standards and mutual recognition of credit, provide sufficient resources, facilitate the reform of management mechanism in higher education institutes. Dr. Zong Cheng, post-doc in Vocational, Technical, and Continuing Education Research Center of NIES, established the learning model of vocational education teaching resources database emphasizing learning behaviour, discovered the mechanism of learning behaviour and proposed to establish an effective and easy-to-use database. Dr. Yang Qing, associate research fellow in Curriculum and Pedagogy Research Center of NIES, analyzed the challenges of teaching in class during the pandemic and proposed that we should achieve multidimensional interactions among teachers and students with more in-depth teaching content to cultivate talents who can adapt themselves to the changing and complex environment. Dr. Zhou Yu, assistant research fellow in Physical, Health and Arts Education Research Center of NIES , presented on the situation of poor posture during the period of adolescents’ body development and suggested that more social attention should give to the high incidence rate of poor posture, and that schools should play an important role in correcting the poor posture of school children. Dr. Xu Congcong, assistant research fellow in Department of International Exchange, delivered a presentation entitled “the application of law and risk-precaution of overseas branch campuses” , and she suggested that dedicated higher-level regulations for branch campuses should be in place, and dispute settlement legal mechanism should be included in bilateral contracts while establishing branch campuses.

  More than 80 participants including researchers, post-docs and visiting scholars attended the forum.


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