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Educational Science Publishing House (ESPH) hosts the book launch of “A Brief History of Future’s Education”

ESPH hosts the book launch of “A brief history of future’s education” entitled “The future has come: the way of learning in this changing age” on 8 September 2020. Professor Shi Zhongying, from Institute of Education in Tsinghua University; Professor Li Zhengtao from School of Education in East China Normal University; Professor Yu Wei from Northeast Normal University; Principal Liu Chang from Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School; and Principal Xia Qingfeng from Beijing Middle School attended the conference and exchanged views on education reform for the future.
The book ”A Brief History of future’s education”, published by ESPH, displays the challenges encountered in education based on the prediction of the development of human society in the next few decades, and emphasizes the importance of reform and innovation. The authors analyze the preferable learning modes by learners grown up under the background of internet and encourage innovation of opinions among teachers and educators. As they put it, teachers and educators should be innovative with students during the process and emphasize the development of core competencies for the future society.



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