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NIES Hosts the Initiation Meeting of "National Basic Education Satisfaction Survey" Project

On September 25, 2020, the initiation meeting for the annual major project of NIES’s “National Basic Education Satisfaction Survey” was held at NIES. Yang Zhicheng,Vice President of Capital Normal University, Xun Zhenfang, Director of the Institute of Higher Education of North China Electric Power University, Gao Baoli, Former Vice President of NIES, and Zhang Nanxing, Director of the Research Center for Higher Education of NIES were invited as the review experts. Cui Baoshi, President of NIES attended the meeting, and Liu Guihua, Vice President of NIES chaired the meeting.
The research group reported the overall results of the “National Basic Education Satisfaction Survey” conducted in 2015 and 2017, as well as the work plan in 2020. The experts made comments regarding the results. Cui Baoshi, President of NIES pointed out that the basic education satisfaction survey is an important measure to implement in the national strategy, as well as the requirements of the Ministry of Education, and exploration of scientific research and innovation. He said that we should adhere to the principles of gradual progress, inheritance and innovation, and focus on improving the scientific standard of the indicator system, the representative range of the survey population, the validity of the survey results, and the social application of the results.
Research group Members from Research Center for Education Inspection and Evaluation, Research Center for Basic Education and Research Center for Educational Information and Statistics attended the meeting.


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