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NIES Hosts “Cornerstone Cloud Talk” Series of Lectures on Basic Education

The Research Center for Basic Education in NIES has established the on-line platform of “Cornerstone Cloud Talk” through thematic lectures, academic exchange, and training sessions focusing on significant policies, theoretical and practical issues related to the development of basic education with the involvement of principals from well-known primary and secondary schools as well as experts. This aligns with the requirements of “Frontline Rules” proposed by the Ministry of Education, the requirements of frontline principals and teachers, and the development of education research in the post-pandemic era.  
The on-line platform aims at innovative methods for talent cultivation, practical exploration of running schools by means of collectivization, and research on opportunities and challenges encountered by basic education under the “Strengthening Basic Discipline Program” during the pandemic. Five seminars have been organized by inviting principals and experts in relevant areas such as Liu Xiya, principal of Xiejiawan Primary School in Chongqing; Gao Chen, principal of Northeast Yucai School; Wang Dianjun, principal of Tsinghua University High School; Wang Xiaoyang, Professor from Capital Normal University; and Liu Yuanzhao, former principal of Suzhou No. 10 High School in Jiangsu Province. In addition, principals and teachers from experimental zones of NIES in Guangzhou and Ningbo are also involved.  
The “Cornerstone Cloud Talk” platform emphasizes education research, problem-solving and mutual sharing with a forward-looking and macroscopic perspective. It aims at advancing the development of research in basic education by recognizing the importance of experts, principals and teachers in teaching practice. Positive feedback has been received from participants regarding the events organized by the platform, which helps improve the quality of education reform in schools, is considered as an effective way of grasping a general picture of the development of basic education in China. 


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