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The "China's Innovation Capability Monitoring Report 2019" Jointly Compiled by NIES is Published

Recently, "China's Innovation Capability Monitoring Report 2019" was published by the Science and Technology Press. The report is an important achievement of the annual survey on university innovation ability jointly carried out by the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, the Strategic Planning Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Institute of Education Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development.

The "China's Innovation Capability Monitoring Report 2019" comprises two parts. Based on the survey data of 2,194 universities, the national open statistical data from 2008 to 2017, OECD statistics, etc., the characteristics and functions of innovation activities colleges and universities in China were monitored and analyzed in eight aspects: basic situation of universities, cultivation of innovative talent, investment in research and development of colleges and universities, scientific and technological achievements and transformation, international exchange and cooperation, cooperation and innovation of production, teaching and research cooperation, teachers' participation in innovation and students' participation in innovation. Several indicators were selected to compare different countries, different regions, different levels, different specifications and different types of colleges and universities. The report studied the construction process of building an innovative country in China, provided beneficial decision support for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy.

The investigation and monitoring of the innovation ability of colleges and universities is one of the important contents of the national innovation investigation system, which has been implemented since 2016. Researchers from the Research Center for Vocational, Technical and Continuing Education have participated this study.


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