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NIES holds Workshop on Action Plan of APEC Education Strategy

A Workshop on Action Plan for APEC Education Strategy, co-sponsored by APEC and the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES), was held in Beijing on September 25-26, 2017. Its aim was to formulate a way forward for the APEC Education Strategy and to enhance education cooperation among APEC member economies. In attendance were representatives from 15 APEC member economies – Australia, Chile, China, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Russia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, United States and Vietnam - as well as international organizations such as the World Bank, OECD and the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE).

Initiated by China, and jointly developed by the APEC member economies, the APEC Education Strategy is a blueprint for education development in the Asia-Pacific region. It was also the first medium and long-term education development strategy document to be formulated since the founding of APEC. This document was unanimously adopted at the 6th APEC Education Ministers Meeting in 2016, and was incorporated into the APEC Leaders' Declaration. To translate it into policies, projects and initiatives which are applicable to the member economies, EDNET has been working on the development of the Action Plan for APEC Education Strategy since 2017, so that the APEC Education Strategy can be implemented in a better way and deliver more benefits to education in the Asia-Pacific region.

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Wang Yan, EDNET Coordinator and Director of the Department of International Cooperation, NIES. From studies and analyses of SDGs and other relevant documents, representatives reached a consensus on the tools and means of the Action Plan, and defined goals and indicators for it.


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