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The 2nd G20 Education Dialogue was held in Guilin

  The 2nd G20 Education Dialogue, co-sponsored by the NIES and Guangxi Normal University, was held in Guilin, Guangxi Province on December 1-2, 2017. It followed the 1st G20 Education Dialogue – themed on “Education Research, Policy-making and Innovation Towards 2030” – which was held in Beijing in December 2016.


  Themed “The Road to Modernization of Education: Innovation and Sustainability”, the participants of the 2nd G20 Education Dialogue discussed such topics as “Educational Modernization and Classroom Teaching”, “Educational Modernization and Life-long Learning”, “The Development of Information Technology”, and “Educational Policy Innovation in Sustainable Development”.


  Mao Tao, Vice President of NIES, addressed the opening ceremony and gave a presentation entitled “Modernization of China’s Education: Achievements and Prospects”. Experts and scholars from countries such as China, France, UK, Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Argentina, Nepal, Iran, Russia and Hungary were in attendance.


  Wang Yan, Director of International Cooperation, chaired the meeting.








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