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Secretary of the Australian Department of Education and Training Visits NIES

  On the afternoon of November 8th, 2016, Dr. Michele Bruniges, Secretary of the Australian Department of Education and Training, led a delegation of six to visit the National Institute of Educational Sciences. They were in Beijing to attend a forum “The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030” co-hosted by the OECD and the NIES. The delegation visited the institute to learn more about the challenges and visions of China’s education system under the context of 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).

  NIES President Tian Huisheng warmly welcomed the delegation. He introduced China’s biggest challenges in education and its future prospects during the 13th Five-Year Plan. He pointed out that due to China’s large and diverse population, governments at all levels have tried to forge policies aimed at narrowing disparities, with local governments delegated with the power of management to fully release their potentiality. Dr. Bruniges explained what Australia was doing to eliminate differences between various ethnics groups and social classes, as well as between disabled and able-bodied people. President Tian said he hoped the sides could strengthen cooperation in aspects of personnel exchange, collaborative research and data sharing, as well as the establishment of joint research institutions.

  Vice President Liu Jianfeng said the NIES had maintained a sound cooperative relationship with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and other institutes. He added that through the visit of the Australian delegation, cooperation between the NIES and relevant institutes in Australia would be further strengthened and made more practicable.

  In the end, the two sides acknowledged the key role of education research in tackling practical issues in education, as well as the necessity for deepening friendly cooperation and drawing on each other’s advantages.

  Dr. Wang Yan, Director of Department for International Exchanges, Dr. Wang Xiaofei, Director of the Department of Research, and heads of other departments were also in attendance.






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