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“2nd Annual Meeting of the National United Innovative Association of Non-governmental Education and Seminar on Reform and Innovation of Non-governmental Education” Successfully Opens

Hosted by the NIES and Xi’an Siyuan University, “The Second Annual Meeting of the National United Innovative Association of Non-governmental Education & the Seminar on the Reform and Innovation of Non-governmental Educational”, was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province from October 16th-18th. Wu Ni, Secretary of the National United Innovation Association of Non-government Education and Director of the Study Center of Educational Policy of NIES, hosted the opening ceremony and Dr. Ye Qilian, Director of Education Office of Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee, delivered the keynote speech. In attendance were more than 100 representatives from educational administration departments around the country, districts and schools conducting non-governmental educational pilot reform, and all levels of non-governmental educational institutions and research organizations.  The press media also attended the seminar.

The seminar participants held in-depth discussion on pressing issues and problems, such as the classification, management and support of non-governmental education policies, the innovation of the non-governmental educational management regulations, the investment and financing policy of the non-governmental education, the building of the teaching resources of non-governmental schools, the internationalized development of non-governmental schools and so on. They also engaged in extensive discussion on issues related to the reform and innovation of  non-governmental education, including for-profit and for-public welfare, for-profit and quality, ruling the country by law and reform innovation, etc. David Finger, a professor of Harvard University and the founder of the Honor Program, was also invited to give a presentation during the seminar. He delivered a public welfare lecture for the teachers and students of Xi’an Siyuan University. After the seminar, participants visited Xi’an Siyuan University and conducted an investigation on famous non-governmental colleges in Shaan’xi Province, such as Xi’an Auto-technology College, Xi’an Aviation Tourism College, Xi’an Haitang Vocational College and Xi’an Siyuan Middle School.


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