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NIES Holds Expert Seminar on School Safety Regulations

On November 14, 2015, the expert seminar on School Safety Regulations was held on the NIES campus. The seminar was hosted by Zeng Tianshan, Vice Dean of the NIES. Sun Xiaobing, Director-general of the Department of Policy and Regulation of Ministry of Education, Huang Xingsheng, Deputy Director-general of the Department of Policy and Regulation of the Ministry of Education, and nearly 30 other experts and scholars from eleven prestigious universities and relevant departments attended the seminar. Mr. Sun Xiaobing introduced the background of the legislation, “School Safety Regulations”, and highlighted the importance and urgency of conducting education according to the law. He exhorted schools to cooperate to  finish the draft of the School Safety Regulations by the end of this year so as to accelerate the legislative support on this topic area.  At the meeting, he also received constructive advice for improving the regulation. Dr. Ma Leijun, an associate researcher of NIES, represented the working group in charge of drafting the legislation, and offered insights into the legislative thoughts, framework structure, main content and working process for the School Safety Regulations (Draft). Based on a careful study of the materials, the seminar participants engaged in a heated discussion on the School Safety Regulations (Draft). They thought highly of the job of the drafting group and affirmed the basic legislative concepts, framework and main content of the draft. They also brought up several suggestions for revision regarding the scope of application, the scientific nature and the feasibility of implementation. Huang Xingsheng, Deputy Director-general, recognized the prior work of the drafting group in the concluding part of the seminar. He pointed out that the School Safety Regulations should be based on people-oriented, students-first and special protection principles, and should combine prevention and governance mechanisms to solve outstanding questions in school safety, thus affording an institutional guarantee for attention to this topic. He concluded by outlining next steps for the drafting work.


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