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President of NCEE of the USA Visits NIES

At the invitation of Professor Xu Changfa, the Acting President of the National Institute of Education Sciences of China (NIES), Mr. Marc S. Tucker, the President and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) of the United States, Visiting Distinguished Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, visited the NIES from 18 – 22 November 2013.

In the morning of the first day, November 18th, Mr. Tucker participated in a group meeting with researchers from Research Center for Educational Theory of the NIES. Professor Fang Xiaodong, the Director of the Research Center gave a brief introduction on educational achievements and challenges facing China, and Mr. Tucker expressed his opinions on the commonly concerned educational issues and suggested solutions for solving some of the problems.

In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Tucker had a meeting with researchers from the Research Center on Vocational Education and Training (VET) of the NIES, and presented his research findings relating to international VET system. Professor Sun Cheng, the Director of Research Center of Vocational Education and Training of the NIES briefed on the system and structures of vocational education and training in China. The participants then conducted a group discussion on developmental mode of vocational education and training.

In the afternoon of November 20th, Mr. Marc S. Tucker had a meeting with Mr. Sun Xiaobing, the Director General of Department of Policies and Regulations of the Chinese Ministry of Education and his colleagues. During the meeting, Mr. Tucker delivered a speech entitled “The Shift and Context of American Educational Policy”.

In the afternoon of November 21st, Mr. Tucker made a keynote speech at a seminar entitled “The Global Education Dynamic: A framework for analysis” and answered questions from participants.

Furthermore, Mr. Marc S. Tucker also had meetings with researchers from the Research Centers for Education Policy, Teacher Development, International Comparative Education, and the Research Group of Rural Education, on such topics as Education Development for Ethnic Minorities, Standards for Teachers’ Professional Development and Training Quality, Workforce Skills Development, and Rural Education Development.   

During his stay in Beijing, Mr. Marc S. Tucker also visited the Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education of the MOE, Geely University, and the Beijing School of Electrical Engineering.



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