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National Office for Education Sciences Planning

In 1983, the National Office for Education Sciences Planning (NOESP) was officially established as the standing executive office for the Leading Group of National Sciences Planning, Ministry of Education. As one of the administrative departments of the national philosophy and social sciences planning, NOESP is guided by the National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Sciences.

NOESP is under the umbrella of NIES, and its President is responsible for directing and coordinating all of the organization’s work.

The roles of NOESP are as follows:

● To develop the national educational sciences plan and the annual guide for research projects;

● To formulate regulations and related guidelines for educational projects;

● To oversee, review and evaluate research projects;

● To manage the funds allotted for educational research;

● To identify and acknowledge outstanding research outcomes and organizing institutions

● To publicize, exchange and disseminate research results

● To carry out other work assigned by the Leading Group


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