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The Sixth National Conference on Awarding Outstanding Achievements in Educational Research and 2021 China Education Science Forum Held in Beijing

On September 28, 2021, the 6th National Conference on Awarding Outstanding Achievements in Educational Research and 2021 China Education Science Forum were held in Beijing. Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education (MOE), delivered a speech by video. Weng Tiehui, member of the party group and vice minister of the Ministry of Education, attended the conference.

Huai Jinpeng pointed out that education research is an important part of education. Attaching importance to and strengthening educational research is an inevitable requirement to adhere to the Party's theoretical character and to take science and technology as the first productive force, to explore the rule of education and talent growth, to promote educational reform and development, and to promote the modernization of the educational governance system and governance capacity.
Huai Jinpeng stressed that education researchers nationwide should thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, arm themselves with scientific theory, stand for the people, carry out education research focusing on moral education at grassroots level. We should put national interest first, study the real problems, really study and solve the problems, and promote the high-quality education development according to the major strategic needs of the country. We also need to enhance scientific research capabilities, learn from the advanced educational concepts and experiences of developed countries in the world, and to propose new theories and achieve new breakthroughs. We have to maintain sound academic style, academic character, and academic integrity, and create a clean academic environment. We should speed up the construction of pedagogy discipline system, academic system with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese manner, and make greater endeavors to accelerate education modernization process, to build a powerful country in education, and improve education satisfaction of the people .

Huai Jinpeng speak highly of the positive contributions made by the China National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES) over the past 80 years in terms of serving educational decision-making, promoting the scientific development of education, and innovating socialist education theory with Chinese characteristics. At the same time, he clearly put forward that the NIES should lead national education research, and provide more powerful theoretical support and intellectual guarantee for effectively responding to the new situation, new tasks and challenges, and vigorously promoting education reform and development.
Weng Tiehui put forward three requirements for good educational research work. First, we should keep national interest in mind and enhance the ability to serve the national strategy. We should innovate educational concept to better serve the talent cultivation of the Party; solve educational problems to enhance the driving forces of making China an innovative country; formulate sound strategy of talent nurture to boost China becoming an economic power; and strengthen the role of education for promoting social equity. Second, we should innovate working modes and methods to improve the quality of educational research. We should focus on practical needs and find and solve the real problems; link theory with practice and explore good paths to promote interdisciplinary integration. Third, we should promote scientific governance and increase all-round support in educational research. We should strengthen the Party's overall leadership of educational research, deepen the reform of educational research evaluation, and guarantee the provision of educational research resources.
A total of 344 awards in research achievements were issued in the 6th National Conference on Awarding Outstanding Achievements in Educational Research, including 26 first-class awards, 119 second-class awards and 199 third-class awards. Prof. Gu Mingyuan from Beijing Normal University, Wu Zhihui, director of China Rural Education Development Institute of Northeast Normal University, and Dou Guimei, principal of the elementary school affiliated to Tsinghua University, spoke on behalf of the award winners. Cui Baoshi, director of the National Office of Leading Group of Education Sciences Planning and President of the NIES, made a presentation. Yin Changchun, Secretary of the Party Committee of NIES, chaired the meeting.
The China Education Science Forum themed "Challenges and Responses to High-Quality Education Development " include 12 sessions. Prof. Zhong Binglin, member of the National Education Advisory Committee, Prof. Ren Shaobo, Party Secretary of Zhejiang University, Prof. Yuan Zhenguo, director of the Education Department of East China Normal University, Prof. Wang Zhenzhong from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Prof. Shi Zhongying, director of the Institute of Education with Tsinghua University, Prof. Yang Yinfu, Secretary General of the China Education Association, Prof. Liu Haimin from Northeast Normal University, and Prof. Hu Yongmei from Beijing Normal University, delivered a keynote speech respectively. The forum also issued a series of think-tank research results.

The conference was hosted by the China National Institute of Education Sciences and the National Office of the Leading Group of Education Science Planning. Nearly 400 participants attended the conference, including representatives of the winner of the 6th National Award for Outstanding Achievements in Educational Science Research, directors from provincial education administrative departments and provincial education research institutes, presidents of universities, representatives from relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Education, as well as experts and scholars, educational practitioners nationwide.


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