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NIES Hosts Think-tank Research Results Launch Event

On September 29, 2021, the launch event on the results of think-tank research hosted by the China National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES) and organized by the Education Science Publishing House was held in Beijing. Cui Baoshi, President of the NIES, delivered a speech. Zhai Bo, Party Secretary and President of China Education News Agency, Professor Liu Fuxing, Dean of the Education School of Renmin University, and Professor Qian Minhui from Department of Sociology of Peking University, attended the event and delivered a speech respectively.
In his speech, Cui Baoshi pointed out that in recent years, the NIES has adhered to the correct direction of managing the institute, vigorously promoted the reform of the organization mode and operation mechanism of scientific research, laid great focus on thematic and topical issues facing the education development , stimulated the vitality of scientific research, improved scientific research capacity, made new breakthroughs in scientific research, and taken a new step in the transformation of research results. A series of research results released in the event such as "A Study on the Centennial History of China’s Education Policy under the Leadership of CPC", " China's Education Reform and Development Report (2010-2020)", "Knowledge Changes One’s Fortune, Education Makes One’s Future: China's Achievements and Experiences on Poverty Reduction through Education ", are all original research results, which reflects the great endeavors that NIES has paid to research innovation, serving the national education policy-making, as well as international communication and cooperation. It is also a gift to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of CPC and the 80th anniversary of the founding of the NIES. The NIES will continue to strengthen scientific research on fundamental, strategic and technical issues of education, provide stronger theoretical support and intellectual guarantee for education reform and development, and achieve greater success in education practice.
In addition, a ceremony for releasing the translated-works of research results and cooperation signing was also held in the event. At the same time, three new books in English version such as "A Satisfaction Survey on Basic Education in China" etc. were also released. Ma Tao, vice president of NIES, Li Dong, president of Education Science Publishing House, as well as 80 representatives from universities, research institutes, publishing units and media, attended the event. The event was chaired by Zheng Haojie, Chief Editor with Education Science Publishing House.


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