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President Cui Baoshi Investigated the Poverty Alleviation of Education in Mang City of Yunnan Province

  From October 14th to 16th, 2020, Cui Baoshi, the president of NIES, investigated the poverty alleviation of education in Mang City of Yunnan Province.

  At the forum on poverty alleviation of education in Mang City, President Cui Baoshi carefully listened to the introduction from Xie Jinxiang, mayor of Mang City, on the overall situation of poverty alleviation in Mang City and the exchange speeches made by representatives from Education and Sports Bureau, Poverty Alleviation Office, Red Cross Society, Jiangdong Township People’s Government and school principals. Cui Baoshi speak highly of the achievements of the poverty alleviation work and the great progress in education reform and development in Mang City. Besides, President Cui Baoshi and his colleagues also paid a visit to Xishan Township Kindergarten, Xishan Middle School, Xishan Township Yingpan Ethnic Primary School, Dehong Vocational College, Mang City Vocational Education Center and its internship base, etc. to investigate various work such as poverty alleviation, construction of aid projects and vocational education.

  In order to implement the arrangements on poverty alleviation from central governmentand the Ministry of Education, under the guidance of the targeted poverty alleviation strategy and taking Mang City as the "main battlefield", NIES established the non-profit Education Comprehensive Reform Experimental Area in Mang City, and conducted a comprehensive investigation by the members of the leading group of NIES. In recent years, the education in Mang City has been developed rapidly under the guidance of NIES. Mang City has been awarded the first prize of educational objective management assessment in Dehong Autonomous Prefecture for 10 consecutive years, and won the honorary title of “advanced county of education in Yunnan Province” in 2018. In the future, the greater achievements in poverty alleviation will be achieved in Mang City.


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