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President Cui Baoshi Attended the 100th anniversary of Chinese Education Association of Macau

  In October 23rd, 2020, the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Education Association of Macao was held in Macao. As a member of the delegation of the Ministry of Education, Cui Baoshi, the president of NIES, attended the activity and delivered a keynote speech at the forum of “New Era· New Education” .

  Cui Baoshi pointed out that China is about to embark on a great process from an all-round well-off society to an all-round modernization. Facing the future, we should further enrich and improve the theoretical system of socialist education with Chinese characteristics, persistently promote the comprehensive reform of education and expand the opening of education to the outside world, further implement classified policies to promote the upgrading and development of education, attach importance to and strengthen the construction of teachers’ team, and accelerate the construction of educational ecology in line with the new era.

  Experts and scholars from the Chinese Education Association of Macao, the Macao Education and Youth Bureau and the school of education of the University of Macau participated in the anniversary activity. Nearly 200 representatives from Macau organizers, primary and secondary school teachers, education and Youth Bureau attended the activity.


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