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National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES)

The National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES) is a national-level comprehensive education research institution affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It was formerly known as the Education Research Division of Central Research Academy founded in 1941. In 1957, the China National Institute for Educational Research was officially established under the authorization of the State Council and the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, and renamed the National Institute of Education Sciences. The NIES also hosts the secretariat of the National Office for Education Sciences Planning.

The NIES has more than 200 researchers in service, approximately half of whom are researchers with senior professional titles. In addition, most of them have doctoral degrees. It oversees 13 research centers: Research Center for Educational Development and Reform; Research Center for Education Theory; Research Center for Basic Education; Research Center for Higher Education; Research Center for Vocational and Technical and Continuing Education; Research Center for Curriculum and Pedagogy; Research Center for Teacher Development; Research Center for Education Inspection and Evaluation; Research Center for Physical, Health and Arts Education; Research Center for Psychology and Special Education; Research Center for International and Comparative Education; Research Center for Information and Statistics; and Research Center for Educational Legalization and Standards.

The NIES publishes Journal of Education Sciences, Journal of Chinese Special Education, Journal of Chinese Moral Education and Weekly Digest of Education. It also houses the Educational Science Publishing House, Audio-Visual Publishing House, Research and Develpoment Center for Education and Technology, and the NIES Training Center. 

The NIES has established Simulation Analysis Platform for Policymaking on Educational, Economic and Social Development; Platform for Educational Investigation and Postdoctoral Center; and Training Platform for Visiting Scholars. It has set up educational reform pilot districts and schools located in the east, west and central parts of China and developed partnerships with international organizations and educational research institutes in dozens of countries.

The China Adult Education Association, Chinese Society for Taoxingzhi Studies, Chinese Confucian Academy, Tao Xingzhi Education Foundation, and Chinese Association for Local Education History and Annals are affiliated to the NIES.

Focusing on national priorities and development strategies, the NIES has strived to advance studies on various themes on the common concerns of the central government, the society and the public, such as reform on education evaluation; curriculum and textbooks in primary and secondary schools, and universities; labour education in primary and secondary schools, and universities; socialist core values; health education and physical education; teacher development; reform on vocational and technical education, and higher education; and the future of education. The institute has produced 130 policy consultation reports; 792 journal articles (of which 514 were published in SSCI and CSSCI journals) in 2018 and 2019; and 163 monographs from 2017 to 2019. The institute is regarded as a leading think tank in the area of education in China.

The NIES is committed to contributing to the policy-making process, developing education theories, guiding educational practices, and coordinating in the collaboration among educational research institutes all over China. It aims to build an advanced national think tank in education that provides intellectual support to accelerate education modernization, help construct an educationally powerful nation and develop education that meets the expectations of the people.


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